Sorry, I forgot to pay my dues because I am in an urgent meeting with my needs" (an enacted branching-off manual)
Performance and sound installation in a tree. Mechelen, Kruidtuin, 21/06/09

Trees reflect the human condition in that they act as a parameter of society’s degree of civilization and how society deals with its environment and natural resources, the very foundations of society. Trees also bridge the gap between nature and ourselves, forming a space in which we can project our desire to escape society and get closer to nature. They are used as the symbol of a variety of ecological and spiritual movements, and are metaphors for a range of relations, as in the expression “back to the roots.” Living in trees is a radical alternative to moving through structured cities and territories (see, e.g., Calvino’s The Baron in the Trees). There is a totally different world up there, with different rules: a para-universe. Music: Katrin Plavcak and Rudi Fischerlehner. Thanks to: Fons Van Dam, Milieudienst Mechelen