Geography is a Flavour, Film & installation
shown in Mechelen, 13 – 21/06/09
Taking its title from the famous Starbucks slogan, Geography is a Flavour presents images of references in design and architecture to other geographical locations. Besides a range of images from around the world, there are also images of Mechelen which refer to other parts of the world. These images are printed together and show abandoned sets which attempt to represent other cultures. Is it possible to import specific elements of a culture and to give the impression that one is really somewhere else? Or does such a setting become something else, a kind of utopian vision which is in fact no longer really at home anywhere? This question is further explored in a monumental video, in which the original sounds of the location play an important role. In collaboration with Julie Peeters

The Free World, website with simulation
The Free World is a representation of the ‘ghost hotel’ in the Vrijbroekspark. Originally intended as a real urban vision for the city of Mechelen, this ruin has become fossilized, a failed utopia in the middle of a nature reserve. It has turned into a ‘romantic’ setting for people looking for an escape from Mechelen, as can be seen in the many traces of human intervention one can find there. The graffiti, in particular, contrast strongly with the original vision found in the illustrations of the building plans. They represent different forms of youth culture, but also express all sorts of (radical) political ideas. The Free World, which takes its title from one of the graffiti found there referring to a famous rave track (Fuck the Free World), is a vision of a world in which these two extremes come together. This work brings a local situation to light, but it is also a reflection on the broader issue of abandoned building projects around the world. In collaboration with Gon Zifroni